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Economy Retractable Display

• Excellent for indoor use
• Banner retracts into stand for fast and simple setup and take-down
• High-end finish/appeal
• Lightweight
• Simple storage
• Custom Design tool to upload your own graphics or logo
• Comes with convenient carrying case


The Retractable Banner Stand combines a high-end appeal with simple assembly. Finished in anodized silver with heavy duty, molded end plates and swivel-out feet. This stand is a great way to provide organizational signage that is professional and practical.

This stand has a high-quality encasement with a custom banner printed on No Curl PET Vinyl Film material that retracts into the encasement. The banner is held upright with a vertical pole on the backside and flip-out feet for stability. The simple design of the Retractable Banner Stand makes it easy to use and favorable in smaller spaces.

How can I use the Retractable Banner Stand?
The Retractable Banner Stand is great for organizations that desire a polished and high-end look. This product is perfect for tradeshows, graduations, presentations, and other events. When you’re done, just unhook the support bar and let the banner retract into the base, and you’re ready to go.

Why choose a Retractable Banner Stand?
The Retractable Banner Stand is ideal for individuals with limited time that can’t waste time setting up their display. Assembling and disassembling in just seconds, this stand allows you to spend less time setting up your displays and more time focusing on your business. With a convenient carrying case, you can pack up and be on your way immediately.

The Retractable Banner Stand is also suitable for organizations with limited space. Perfect for situations like trade shows, this stand takes up minimal floorspace when in use.


Total price $79.00
  • Weight: 10 lbs